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5 times actors played the role of a common man/woman

Bollywood movies are considered to be a part of our lives. Watching Bollywood films does have an effect on is whether we admit it or not. We get influenced by the dialogues we hear, the clothes actors where and even the way they speak. Bollywood films are many times reflections of our own lives. However, the only difference is that Bollywood represents it in a way that is larger than life. Over the years, we have seen several interesting Bollywood movies in which stars were seen playing roles of a common man. This helps us better connect with the character and the movie as we can understand and relate more to it then.

5 times actors played the role of a common man/woman

1.Piku (2015)
Director: Shoojit Sircar

Piku was a comedy film which was produced by N.P. Singh, Ronnie Lahiri and Sneha Rajani. The film starred Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan in leading roles. Piku was a story about Piku Banerjee (Deepika Padukone) who is a Bengali Architect living in Delhi, with her 70-year-old father, Bhashkor (Amitabh Bachchan). Bhashkor has problems with chronic constipation and traces every problem to his bowel movements. Event at the age of 70, Bhashkor is as stubborn as a child and his stubbornness leads to arguments with everyone around him. Piku loves her father and since her mother passed away she is the one who looks after him.  But even she gets irritated with him many times due to his nature. Piku was a regular customer of her colleague Syed Afroz’s (Jisshu

Sengupta) friend Rana Chaudhary’s (Irrfan Khan) taxi business. Rana has problems in his family too specially with his sister and mother.

Piku wants to sell an ancestoral home in Kolkata but Bhashkor to opposes her decision and decides to go to Kolkata. Bhashorkar decides to travel by road due to his constipation problems.  Since Piku could not let him travel alone, she decides to accompany him on the journey as well. Piku had a rather bad history with Rana’s other drivers as they all felt she was too demanding as a client and that is why they all backed out for taking her to Kolkata. So Rana himself, decides to take Piku and her father to Kolkata from Delhi without informing his family about the trip.

On the way, they encounter many incidents, including Rana almost losing his patience because of Bhashkor’s fussy and erratic behaviour. After a long and tiring journey, they finally reach the house in Kolkata. Bhaskor requests Rana to stay for a while with them as a gesture of gratitude for getting him and his daughter to Kolkata. Rana and Piku go out and spend some time together in the city. As the two keep spending more time together they grow closer. Rana also subtly hints not to sell the house during a discussion. When Rana decides to leave Kolkata and requests Bhashkor  to cut down on his erratic behaviour an advice which he actually accepts. Piku changes her mind and decides not to sell the house. Suddenly Bhashkor gets the urge to cycle in the streets of Kolkata. Which left everyone else tensed as he didn’t even mention anything about it. When Piku asks him about it he replies that his constipation is cleared and he needs to ride the cycle every day. Once when Piku was yelling at him for eating street food and being irresponsible he says he says that he is following Rana’s advice because he was the one who told him not be too choosy and picky about food. On listening this, Piku feels secretly happy about it but at the time she does’t let emotions get the better of her. Next day, they discover that Bhashkor passed away in his sleep. Piku states that he always wanted a peaceful death. The movie Piku, showed us how the relationships in our life can be messed up and beautiful at the same time. There are many things that lead to conflict with our loved ones be it on opinions, mind-sets etc. But in the end, we are always there to back our family.

5 times actors played the role of a common man/woman

2.Pad Man (2018)
Director: R. Balki

With Pad Man, Akshay Kumar tried to tell the story of Arunnachalam Murganatham. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. A man living in a small village who was created a machine that can make sanitary pads at affordable costs. And what inspired him to create it was witnessing the helpless condition of his wife and women around him. Akshay Kumar played the role of Arunnachalam Murganatham and his wife’s role was portrayed by Radhika Apte. The path to creating the machine was sure not easy as topics like these are considered a taboo in India. Even today, people are still not able to talk on things like menstrual hygiene openly. This movie wanted to change that mind set of the people in India. Akshay Kumar’s performance in the movie received heaps of praise from critics as well as the audience. The idea to tell the story of Arunnachalam Murganatham on the big screen was when Twinkle Khanna came across his story 2015 and felt moved and inspired by his dedication to the cause he believed in. In 2016, she even wrote about him which was titled “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad” and later felt that it should be converted to a movie since the message will have a larger reach.

5 times actors played the role of a common man/woman

3.Dangal (2016)
Director : Nitesh Tiwari

Dangal was a story of Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) who is a former amateur wrestler and national champion. Mahavir was forced to give up wrestling by his father as he claimed that there is no money in a wrestler’s life. He gave up wrestling but his dream to win a gold for India for lived on. He felt that when he has a son he will train him and see to it that he grows up to be a wrestler that will win a gold for the country. But, a son was just not in his destiny. After he had his fourth daughter, he felt that his dream will never come to life.  But when his older daughters Geeta and Babita come home after beating up two boys in response to derogatory comments, he realises their potential to become wrestlers and begins coaching them. He faces a lot of backlash from villagers because in India wrestling is considered a man’s sport. But he only concentrates on ensuring that his daughters are focused on their training.  Geeta eventually manages to break into the Indian team but while training she stays away from her father, a person who knew her strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. Staying away from her father severely affects the quality of her game and leads to her losing her focus from it. Frustrated by her results she finally makes peace with her father who gets back to training her. Mahavir training helped Geeta win the gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Aamir Khan underwent a severe transformation as in the movie he is shown as a young wrestler and an old father to four daughters, he absolutely nailed his accent of a Haryanvi wrestler which further made his character seem more authentic.

5 times actors played the role of a common man/woman

4.Swades (2004)
Director : Ashutosh Gowariker

Mohan Bhargava (Shah Rukh Khan) is an Indian who works as a program manager in NASA in the United States of America. While he is there, he keeps thinking about Kaveri Amma (Kishori Ballal), a maid who took care of him in his childhood days. After the death of his parents, he was separated from her and thought that he should go find her and bring her back to live with him. Upon reaching India, Mohan finds out that she stays in a village called Charanpur. When he finally meets Kaveri Amma, he finds out that it was Geeta (Gayatri Joshi), who was his childhood friend, had got Amma here. Geeta is a woman who believes in women empowerment and gender equality and is always working to improve the living conditions in the village . This quality of Geeta makes Mohan attracted to her and love blossoms. Mohan is shocked to see the state in which people are living in Charanpur. The poverty, the lack of basic facilities like proper electricity and water supply motivate Mohan to take matters in his own hands. Mohan extends his leave by three weeks and decides to set up a small hydroelectric power generation facility with the help of a water source nearby. Mohan purchases all the necessary equipments required and with the help of his knowledge and experience he makes sure that the plant can generate enough electricity that will be sufficient for the entire village. During this time Mohan is repeatedly contacted by NASA, as his project was reaching its final stage and they needed him to be back in the United States of America soon. Kaveri Amma tells Mohan that she would prefer to stay in Charanpur instead of moving to U.S. As she felt, that adapting to a new country would prove to be hard for a women her age. Geeta too tells Mohan that she didn’t want to move to the U.S. With a heavy heart, Mohan goes back to the U.S as he had a commitment to complete the project. But, during his time in the U.S, he always keeps getting flashbacks of the time he spent in India. He keeps seeing those people and just can’t get it that place out of his head. After completing his project, he leaves the US and returns to India with intentions of working at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, from where he can also work with NASA. The movie ends showing Mohan and Gita staying in Charanpur following their wedding.

5 times actors played the role of a common man/woman

Director: Vikas Bahl

Rani Mehra (Kangana Ranaut) is a young girl living in Delhi. One day before her marriage, her fiancé, Vijay (Rajkummar Rao) tells her that he no longer wishes to marry her. After living aborad, he says that his personality has changed and feels that they won’t be a good match anymore. Stunned by this, Rani feels that she is lost and needs to spend some time alone so that she can find herself. And so decides to go on the pre-booked honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam. After initially hesitating, her parents agree to let her go thinking that this might take her mind of the marriage breaking up and also cheer her up.

In Paris, Rani meets Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon), a free-spirited woman of French-Spanish-Indian descent, she works in the hotel where Rani was living in. Vijayalakshmi help her out and shows her around the city. The two have a series of adventures and Rani finally seems to be getting out of her shell. Once, she takes a selfie of herself while wearing a revealing outfit and accidently sends it to Vijay. But this selfie regenerates Vijay’s interest in Rani and begins to search for her. Rani bids farewell to Vijayalakshmi and thanks her for a lovely time as she departs for Amsterdam. When she arrives in Amsterdam she finds out that she is booked in hostel room along with three other guys, aka from Japan, Tim from France and Oleksander from Russia. Despit hesitating to even talk to them at first, Rani becomes very good friends with the three boys. They spend time roaming around the city, shopping and even visiting strip clubs. At the club, Rani befriends a pole dancer, Roxette/Rukhsar, a Pakistani girl who is the sole bread-earner for her family back in Lahore and who is also a friend of

Vijaylakshmi. This encourages Rani to take charge of her life. She learns more about her friends’ backgrounds and begins to understand how different life can be for people in other parts of the world. One day, she finds Vijay waiting for her in front of the hostel. Vijay apologises and asks Rani to reconsider the relationship. Rani tells him that she will give him an answer in India. Back in Delhi, Rani visits Vijay at his home. Vijay thinks that she has decided to forgive him. Instead, Rani hands him her engagement ring and after saying “thank you”, she walks away with a smile on her face.

5 times actors played the role of a common man/woman

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