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Bollywood actors who busted the myth that vegetarianism canât make you fit

Bollywood actors are a constant source of fitness inspiration for many. Several fitness experts believe that one has to consume meat and seafood in order to gain a more meaner physique. However, there’s a growing number of people across the globe who are becoming vegan or vegetarian in order to reap benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. In Bollywood too there’s a wave of actors who are vegetarians and yet have an enviously fit body. Many Bollywood stars are also raving about the benefits they have received after their switch to turning vegetarian like a fitter body and higher levels of energy. And also there is a bonus of freedom from harmful diseases that may occur due to excessive meat and dairy intake. Mainstream stars such as Sonam Kapoor and Aamir Khan are successfully maintaining their toned bodies by using a plant based diet. They are also often seen encouraging others to take up the practise. Here’s a list of Bollywood stars who are vegan/vegetarian and yet rock a fit and fabulous body

Bollywood actors who busted the myth that vegetarianism can’t make you fit

Aamir Khan: 

Aamir Khan is often known as the Mr.Perfectionist in Bollywood and he has earned that title due to the dedication and perseverance that he puts in for his work. Aamir Khan turned Vegan while shooting for Dangal in which he was seen sporting his chiselled body during certain portions. In an interview with a leading daily, he revealed that he took the decision of giving up dairy products and non-vegetarian food after watching a Youtube video. His wife, Kiran Rao who was a vegan herself from a long time asked Aamir to see the video. In the video, there is a one-hour presentation by a doctor on 15 of the most common diseases that cause death and how diet can prevent them. The video convinced him that vegans have an upper hand when compared to non-vegetarians and even vegetarians. Aamir, who took the decision to go vegan on 2 February 2015 not only left meats and eggs but also products like milk, ghee , paneer and most Indian sweets made of milk. He even takes his tea with soya milk. “Vegans don’t eat dairy products or anything that comes from animals, the video showed me a healthier way of life. I only miss dahi (curd) but I’m still having a good time. I can eat anything without having to watch calories.” he said. He also wishes his son Azad turns vegan someday but doesn’t want to force him into it,” he said. 


Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood chocolate boy turned hunk Shahid Kapoor is at his fittest nowadays and is sporting a body that will put even many fitness freaks to shame. But his smokin’ hot body and six pack abs haven’t come as a gift by god. He has bought that change thanks to the hard work put in at the gym and following a strict diet. His nutritionist, Marika Johansson spoke about his diet in an interview with a leading daily, in which she revealed how he uses vegan ingredients in his diet to gain proteins, “Tofu, or bean curd, is used by a lot of vegetarians who want to build muscle strength and want a fit body. It’s an excellent source of calcium and essential minerals like copper, manganese, selenium and phosphorus. It is also rich in proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Being a vegetarian, it becomes more crucial that the food delivers all nine amino acids to Shahid through his meals, therefore I also includes brown rice and beans, along with tofu to be able to mix in all different kinds of proteins in the diet. Brown rice is rich in fiber and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals- compounds that are missing in processed products.” she said. Shahid Kapoor became a vegetarian almost a decade ago. His father had gifted him a book named Life Is Fair by Brian Hines. Shahid took the book along with him on a flight and he ended up reading the entire book during the flight. After which, he never touched non-vegetarian food again. The book had such an impact on Shahid that he even wanted the woman he dated to embrace his eating habits. His father, who follows Radha swami, had been trying to convince him for years that he should convert to a pure vegetarian, but the book did the trick. The book is written by an author for the Indian spiritual organisation, Radha Swami Satsang Beas and it is a karmic justification for vegetarianism. 


Alia Bhatt 

Alia Bhatt turned to vegetarianism last summer. She ditched the meat to beat the heat and ended up following that to even this date much to the joy of her vegetarian father Mahesh Bhatt. She is following a no-meat-plan to maintain a healthy life. In 2017, Alia Bhatt also got the tittle of the Hottest Vegetarian by PETA along with Rajkummar Rao. “Alia Bhatt and Rajkummar Rao are fit, hot, and compassionate, and they’re setting a great example for their fans and millions of other people who want to fight climate change with their forks, Both of PETA’s winners prove that there’s nothing sexier than compassion towards animals, which these celebrities show every time that they sit down for a meal,” said Sachin Bangera, PETA’s associate director of celebrity and public relations.


Sonakshi Sinha 

Sonakshi Sinha has always voiced her opinion against animal cruelty and it is for this very reason that she has turned vegan. She seriously wants to stop animal cruelty and is also doing her bit to help that happen. After turning to vegan, Sonakshi has lost oodles of weight and is in great shape. She also revealed that she made this move to boost the metabolism of her body. 


Anuskha Sharma

Interestingly, when Anushka Sharma joined the bandwagon, there were many rumours doing the rounds that she made her choice because of her pet dog, Dude. According to the reports, her pet didn’t like the smell of meat, so she ended up quitting meat herself. However, Anushka later cleared it all by tweeting, “So many reports say I quit non-veg food because my dog doesn’t like the smell of meat! My dog EATS meat. He’s a dog.” The actress, who follows a gluten-free diet, is almost vegan, and though her shoots abroad make it challenging for her to find food that she can eat, she doesn’t let that come in her way. “I’ve noticed that since I’ve switched to vegetarianism, I don‘t fall sick as often. Also, I’ve become more conscious about the environment. I want to set the right kind of example as a human being,” she says.


Yami Gautam 

The actress who’s taken to physical fitness in a major way recently is also a vegetarian and has one of the most athletic bodies in Bollywood. Her social media is a great source of inspiration to those looking to know what a healthy diet of a fit vegetarian person would be like.


Richa Chadha –

Richa Chadha is vegan and follows a lot of alternative styles of eating to lead a healthier lifestyle. The actress in several of her interviews has vocally expressed her intricate knowledge of following a healthy lifestyle and achieving a fit body without consuming any meat. She’s also an avid animal lover and swears by any means of being against killing of animals. In 2014, the gorgeous and talented Richa Chadda turned vegan. “I believe there’s no better food for humans than the vegan diet,” she said. The compassion and warmth she holds in her heart for animals are highly commendable, “Do good, be good and look good. Here’s hoping that together we can live in peace on this planet that we share, not just with each other, but with all the other beautiful species as well.”she said. Richaa also penned a letter in which she spoke about the cruelty in the meat production. “Imagine being born and raised solely because someone will make a chicken breast piece out of you? Or fry your brain, care for some bheja fry? Or make a soup out of your foot- paya anyone? I can’t stomach the thought of someone cutting a buffalo’s throat, ramming a knife through a pig’s heart or cramming chickens into cages so small they can’t even spread a wing, let alone bear to ingest such misery. Cows and buffaloes on today’s dairy farms are repeatedly impregnated,  often genetically manipulated to have enlarged udders and commonly drugged to force them to produce more milk than they would naturally. Shortly after birth, calves are often taken away from their mothers and deprived of the milk that was meant for them. On so-called modern dairy farms, mothers are hooked up to milking machines, which can cause electrical shocks, painful lesions and mastitis. These cows cry for days because they miss their calves. But more importantly, can you not recall a healthy cow digging out food from a plastic bag at an open dump in your city? The milk that’s considered to be so good for us is full of cows raised on toxins and chemicals. These are not the healthy bovine creatures our parents had access to. Holy cow! Most hens used for egg production spend their lives stuffed into tiny cages. Instead of giving them more space, when they are just a few days old, the birds have a large portion of their beaks cut off with a burning-hot blade, without being given any painkillers, since they peck each other in sheer frustration. Many birds, unable to eat because of the pain, die from dehydration and/or weakened immune systems. But it’s the tiny chicks that have it the worst. They are put into a grinding machine while they are ALIVE.” Well said. 


Sonam Kapoor 

The true fashionista of Bollywood sure has a figure that most envy. Always spotted in the best of fashion trends and setting new trends, Sonam turned vegan too recently in order to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Sonam had no qualms about admitting that she was an overweight teenager, who at the time felt she could never become an actress thanks to her weight issues. However, her determination helped her shred all the excess weight and now become one of the fittest actresses in the industry. While she’s a foodie by heart, she does keep her intake in check and works out to stay in shape. She decided to turn Vegan during the shoot of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Her fitness trainer and nutritionist Radhika Karle also spoke about the change in an interview with a leading daily. She said, “Sonam decided to turn vegan during the shoot of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. I had noticed that she was not digesting non-vegetarian foods well. Additionally, we were shooting outdoors in the heat which made it worse. Later, her doctor confirmed that she had become intolerant to meat and many dairy products. Sonam was vegetarian for a brief period so going vegan wasn’t as difficult. She does miss a few things but over time she has become vegan completely.” Sonam was always known to be an animal lover. She is often seeing urging people to adopt strays and treat them with kindness. She took her commitiment to protecting animals a step further when she turned vegan. In the year 2016, Sonam, who was named the hottest vegetarian by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) said, “I stopped eating meat four or five years ago. What has happened now is that I’ve stopped consuming milk and milk products. I am lacto-sensitive. I am not saying it is good or not good to be a vegetarian. To each his/her own. In my own home, my mother is a strict vegetarian, always has been. And I’ve taken after her, I guess. But my dad is not a vegetarian. He only eats white meat. So I guess everyone has his or her own dietary rhythm to follow. We can’t make hard and fast rules about it. For me, art is related to what is happening  in our society. If I keep quiet about an issue I believe all those who believe in  me they will  feel let down. So yes, I am not afraid of expressing my opinion.”


Lisa Haydon 

Without a doubt, one of the most smoking hot fit bodies of Bollywood, Lisa Haydon even after becoming a mother recently still manages to make people look up to her as a true fitness role model. A lot of this has to be attributed to her turning vegan for a healthier lifestyle


Every single individual has his or her own reasons for why they turn to vegetarianism or vegan. Sure, most of them are frequently misunderstood as animal rights advocates and/or fitness freaks who only wish to lose a drastic amount of weight. The main reason for the majority of vegans are committed to it mainly to reduce animal suffering. This new-age sensitivity ensures a variety of health benefits and prevention from certain diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, colon, breast and prostate cancers, arthritis, and much more. Bollywood celebrities have a huge influence on their fans across the globe. We believe that if someone wishes to follow a celeb’s lifestyle, what better way than to adopt an ideology that promotes compassion toward animals and our environment.

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